Leisure Pool

About The Leisure Pool

  The Leisure pool is Splash City's largest pool and features zero depth entry.  The deepest end measures 4 and a-half feet and comes complete with wide array of activities.  There are two slides, one open-air and one tube, which are 3 stories tall and cover 170 feet emptying into the deepest end of the pool. Next, the lily pads float in the pool and, using the overhead rope, the adventurous can see if they can make it across. On the opposite end, across the water-spout walk-way, you'll find the Water Fortress play area where you can jostle valves, shoot water streams, and take a small 9 foot tube slide down into 2 feet of water. This area offers something for everyone visiting the park.
Minimum Depth:  
6 inches

Maximum Depth:
4 & 1/2 feet

250 Feet

Slide Length:
170 Feet total
Height Requirement:
48" and up for Slides
40" and up for Lilli-pads
90 lb weight limit on Fortress slide

Assisted Entry:
Zero-depth entry

Center of the park.

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